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Let’s face it, change can be a good thing. Whether it is your hairstyle, your job, your car or your house that you have become tired of or bored with, making even minor changes can make a huge difference and dramatically improve your mood and outlook.

tan colored interior trowel down

What the owner of this Dallas, TX house had become tired of was her tile. Not only was it a very outdated white tile that dated back to the 1980s, keeping it and the grout clean was a nightmare. Knowing that decorative concrete contractors specialize in the type of transformation that she envisioned, she called us for help.

another view of tan colored trowel down overlay

When we first visited the house, we were impressed with the great furnishings and colorful accent pieces she had. She agreed with us that the flooring that would replace the tile should be somewhat neutral and subdued so it would complement the rest of the room, instead of being the focal point of the room. We decided to go with a trowel-down application that would blend in and not overpower the space.

closeup of tan colored trowel down

Trowel-down is a popular application method with decorative concrete contractors and homeowners alike, because it is versatile, quick to apply, creates a sophisticated look that mimics natural materials, and is relatively inexpensive. How inexpensive you may ask? Of course, decorative concrete contractors all have different pricing strategies. But, across the board, there are specific factors that affect the price of a trowel down overlay flooring.

rug and chair on a tan colored trowel down overlay

First, and perhaps most obvious, the size of the area will affect the price of the project. Pricing typically is calculated on the basis of the area’s square footage; the larger the area, the lower the price per square foot. 

Second, most decorative concrete contractors charge more for interior trowel down projects than exterior ones, normally because we have to be much more careful about protecting things such as walls, furniture and your other personal property. 

Another factor that will influence a decorative concrete contractors pricing is what kind of prep work will need to done before applying the trowel down. This includes removing carpet, wood, linoleum, and tile. Carpet is not hard to remove, it comes up quickly but that is definitely not the case with the other three, the harder it is to remove, the higher the cost.

rainbow colored rug on tan trowel down

The final factor affecting price is whether you want the floor to be scored (cut) so that it looks like a stone or tile pattern. Scoring costs a little more but it really makes the flooring “pop.” However, our homeowner was looking for subtle, so she did not have us score it. 

To score or not to score will depend on what look you are going for. In this case, we agree that she made the right decision, the floor looks amazing and works very well with her eclectic tastes. This change certainly made a world of difference in this home!

view of the legs of a fancy chair on a tan colored trowel down overlay
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