gray concrete island countertop

Concrete Countertop Tutorial

So just what are your expectations when it comes to concrete countertops? Are you looking at them because they’re unique compared to other countertop options? The available options? Edges? Colors? How about pricing? Well, let’s go over some of the pros and cons of concrete…

Concrete Kitchen Countertops

These are beautiful kahlua colored concrete kitchen countertops that we installed in a south Dallas, TX home. This was a cast in place project that took us about three days just to build the molds due to their size and layout. Generally, most folks don’t realize just how much work goes…

brown colored concrete bathroom countertop

Concrete Bathroom Countertops

What about concrete bathroom countertops? Yep, we get a lot of calls for these. Here’s a project we did in Dallas, TX. This actually turned into two projects in the same home. The homeowner liked the first one we installed so much that she called us a few months later to put another one in her…

outdoor acid stained concrete countertop

Outdoor Concrete Countertops

It’s grilling time! Concrete is a great choice for outdoor countertops, as you can see in this project we completed in Frisco, TX. We built a mold on site and created knockouts (open areas created in the mold) for a grill, trash receptacle, and beverage cooler. After pouring we applied an acid…

green colored concrete island

Concrete Countertop Colors

Here is a guide of our most popular concrete countertop colors. Please keep in mind that concrete has a lot of variables as we’ll explain below so this is only a guide and not a guarantee of a specific color. A little known fact is that, unlike white cement, there is no common color standard for gray.

dark gray concrete countertop

Concrete Countertop Cost

So just what do concrete countertops cost? It just depends on what is the final result you want. Let’s start by saying that they are not the cheapest countertop option available, nor the most expensive. On average, pricing for installed concrete countertops are very competitive with a…

undermounted prep sink in a concrete countertop

Concrete Countertop Care Guide

Regular cleaning and upkeep will ensure you have a long lasting concrete countertop. We recommend using a Neutral-Base Cleaner as part of your regular maintenance whenever you wish to clean the countertop. A neutral base cleaner will not harm the sealer that has been applied to…

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