Concrete Countertop Care Guide

Regular cleaning and upkeep will ensure you have a long lasting concrete countertop. We recommend using a Neutral-Base Cleaner as part of your regular maintenance whenever you wish to clean the countertop.

prep sink for concrete countertop

A neutral base cleaner will not harm the sealer that has been applied to your countertop or leave a soapy residue that may dull the finish. These can be found at Home Depot, Lowes, and Walmart. One brand we have used successfully in the past is Zep Neutral Floor Cleaner Concentrate. There are many other brands available, just select one that is a neutral base.

side view of prep sink for concrete countertop

Our countertops have been sealed with a polyurethane to protect it from normal wear and tear. This offers excellent stain protection from spills and other accidents that happen on a normal basis. However, this does not make your countertop “bulletproof”. Avoid leaving highly acidic or alkaline liquids on the surface for extended periods of time as it may dry and leave a film that makes it look blotchy. Always wipe after spills. This is the simplest and easiest way of maintaining your countertops appearance over time.

Though not critical, a good way of protecting the countertops is to apply a wax to the surface every three to six months for residential applications and once a month for commercial installations. The wax acts as a sacrificial barrier, taking the brunt of the daily wear and tear and protecting the sealer. 

A natural, good quality brand of beeswax works well for this type of application and can be found either locally or online. It often comes as a block, to apply, first clean the countertop surface with a neutral base cleaner to remove any oils, dust, or other contaminants then lightly rub the hard wax block across the entire surface of the countertop making sure you cover it evenly, you don’t need to push down hard as we are trying to apply a thin coat. Next grab a white, clean cotton rag and rub it in a circular motion over the countertop. At first you will feel some resistance as you remove the excess wax but in just a few moments it will start to slide freely over the surface as you buff it. Once the rag slides easily over the surface, you are done! 

One coat should be enough to protect the countertop for another three months or so, depending on your use but if you would like, you can put down a second one.

Although your countertop is made from concrete, a very durable and heat resistant material, the sealers and waxes used to protect it from staining cannot handle very high temperatures. It is very important to use trivets or hot pads with your cookware. Placing a very hot pan directly on the surface may damage the sealer requiring repair and is not covered by our warranty.

Also avoid using harsh chemicals such as oven cleaners, abrasive cleaners (Ajax), nail polish, etc. If some does get on the surface immediately flush it with water and use a cotton rag to gently rinse it off.

Lastly, do not cut on concrete countertops, it will quickly dull the knife and most likely scratch the sealer, use a cutting board instead.

If you notice light scratching or other imperfections, these can usually be covered by applying a fresh coat of wax. If more extensive damage was done, give us a call and we will see what can be done to repair it. Thank you for your business!

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