Concrete Table Buyers Guide

So you’re interested in buying a concrete table but want to find out a little more about them before moving forward? We can help! Let’s answer some of your questions.

gray concrete table top on wood legs

Are concrete tables durable? Short answer: Yes! Concrete is, after all, concrete; it’s a pretty tough surface that can a handle a lot of wear and tear. Our concrete tables are made from a special mix called Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) that is even tougher than the regular concrete you find on your driveway, sidewalk, or street. 

Our mix includes small fibers that are added into the cement just before we pour it out into a mold. These fibers are dispersed throughout the mix and create additional reinforcement. Think of them as tiny ropes running in every direction inside the finished table top. When you try to bend the concrete all the ropes tighten up and prevent it from cracking. It’s kind of like how wood is made up of individual fibers that help it bend instead of breaking. 

As these fibers make the concrete stronger, we can then make it thinner and still have the same strength of a much thicker piece of regular concrete. This helps keep the weight down. 

We’ve made concrete table tops 3 feet wide by 8 feet long and only 1/2″ thick coming in at around 160 lb. A concrete table top that size using a regular concrete mix would need to be at least 1″ thick to have the same strength and weigh a whopping 290 lb. 

close up of concrete table top edge

Will it look good in my space? Absolutely. We can make your concrete table to be exactly what you want. We have many different sizes from small such as coffee table and end tables to dining room table size to even conference tables that are much larger. 

Do you want a razor thin 1/2″ thick table top? Or maybe a statement piece with a massive 6” tall edge? Talking about edges, we can do a simple, yet elegant straight up and down, a more eclectic angled edge, or a rustic, chipped stone edge. Looking for something more ornate? We offer bullnose, wedge, French cove and even ogee. With concrete, if we can mold it, we can pour it. 

Colors? Yes, look below for what are available. Lastly, what type of finish would you like for your table top? You can go with either a natural, low key matte finish or make it pop with a high gloss clear finish. Either finish will protect your table top from the harsh elements or a spilled glass of wine.

shadowed view of concrete table top

What colors are available? Glad you asked. The most popular colors for concrete tables by far are grays. We use an integral powdered pigment that is added to the mix to create the colors. We offer light gray, natural gray, and dark gray. 

The next popular color is black, followed by white. However, the white is not “paper white” it’s more of an off-white. We also offer various shades of red, browns, and greens. Here is a link to our CONCRETE COUNTERTOP COLOR GUIDE that has our color library. 

If you are looking to dial it up a little, we can also stain the table tops. Staining creates a translucent color that has much more mottling and variegation all over the table top.

How much do they cost? We have pricing for the concrete table top itself and then for the base. You can find the pricing for the table top by using our CONCRETE TABLE TOP ESTIMATOR

We can install the table top on a base you provide or you can select from some of the bases we provide. We offer steel pipe and welded square tubing. If you have a particular design in mind for the base of your concrete table, contact us and we’ll see if we can help you with it.

hanging lamps over concrete table

How soon can I get one? If you just want the table top, our normal lead time is about two to three weeks. If you want the entire concrete table including the base we are running closer to about four to six weeks for delivery. At the moment we are only delivering in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. We can ship nationwide but only if you arrange for all of the shipping details. 

view of legs and edge of concrete table

We are here to answer any of your questions regarding concrete tables. Please contact us at your earliest convenience. Thanks.

close up of concrete table edge
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