Concrete Table Cost

What affects the price of concrete tables? It mostly depends on what size project you are looking for, what options you would like, and the type of base you prefer.

gray concrete conference table

We offer concrete tables in many colors, shapes, and sizes. For colors please use out CONCRETE COUNTERTOP COLOR GUIDE  as it is equally applicable for our table tops. We can build table tops for anything from the traditional dinner tables to custom office desks. We build the the tables in our shop located in Fort Worth, TX where they are available for pickup or we can also deliver and install them.

close up view of edge

Typically, our table tops are precast, meaning that they are made in our shop after we receive the measurements from you. A mold is made and the table top is cast, cured and finished. This allows us to offer options such as tall drop edges, acid staining to create unusual color schemes, and fine polishing of the table top.

alternate view of gray concrete conference table

If you have a very large project where precasting would be impractical we also offer cast in place concrete table tops. These are manufactured on site. A mold is built on the base you have provided, filled with a cement mix, cured, and sealed to minimize the risk of staining from normal everyday use. The surface is hand troweled, a process that creates swirls and slight color changes.

Precast concrete table tops start at $55 per square foot for a simple setup and we have a $1,200 minimum (This is for the table top only – the base is additional). For cast in place table tops we would need to go over some details before giving you a ballpark number but it is higher than precast as we have to travel daily to where the work is being done versus building it in our shop.

middle portion of gray concrete conference table

We build bases for our concrete table tops out of metal and wood. We have a couple of standard designs that include steel pipe and welded square tubing but we can make something custom if you want it. The base is priced separately and can range from $900 to $2,000 depending on the design you want.

If you want a quick ballpark idea of what your concrete table top project would cost, just follow this link and access our online CONCRETE TABLE TOP ESTIMATOR. If you want us to build you a base please provide us with an idea of what you need and we will quote that separately. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or if you would like to schedule a quote.

another view of a gray conference table
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