“Vet Clinic” – Acid stained interior concrete floor

People should have it as good as our pets do; at least that’s the case in this Bartonville, TX veterinary project where we sprayed an umber acid stain on its interior concrete floor. The acid stain really highlights the exquisite trowel patterns already in the floor that were made by a gas powered machine that spun propeller blades against the concrete while it was originally poured, smoothing it out. At least we know that whatever it may be that ails them, the little guys can’t complain about the floors not being pretty!

interior concrete floor 1
interior concrete floor 2
interior concrete floor 3

These decorative concrete projects show how durable an acid stained interior concrete floor can be. However, that doesn’t mean they’re bulletproof. As with any other type of flooring, they do require some periodic maintenance. We recommend using a neutral base cleaner as part of your regular maintenance whenever you mop the floor. A neutral base cleaner will not harm the sealer or leave a soapy residue that dulls the floor or softens the sealer. We also recommend reapplying wax to maintain this protection every three to six months for residential applications and at least once a month for commercial installations, depending on foot traffic. Sticking to a regular maintenance schedule will result in a beautiful, long lasting floor.

interior concrete floor 4
interior concrete floor 5
interior concrete floor 6

One very important thing to avoid with your acid stained interior concrete floor is using rubber-backed throw rugs. Over time, rubber-backed rugs may trap moisture and leave a white stain on the sealed floor. The rug may also try to stick to the floor over time. If this happens, the only way to repair it is to strip all the sealer away and reseal the area. Also, If you have an office chair with hard plastic or rubber wheels—or some other type of appliance or object—that will constantly roll over the same area of your interior concrete floor, we strongly recommend purchasing a hard surface chair matt. This type of chair matt doesn’t have the plastic knobbies regular matts do and serve to protect the floor from abnormal wear caused by dirt being trapped underneath the wheels. The back and forth movement of the chair will grind this dirt into the floor, wearing through the wax, sealer, and the actual floor itself, discoloring it.

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