“Green is the Thing” – Decorative concrete for floors

Generally our clients look for a more traditional color scheme for their home floors, but every once in a while we get a chance to push our decorative concrete color palette a little bit. These homeowners in Dallas, Tx, were big fans of Mexican culture. Their entire home was filled with various pieces that they had purchased over the years and when it came time to replace their beat up carpet, they wanted a floor that had the same look and feel as their collection. A microfinish concrete overlay and green acid stain was the best way to go.

decorative concrete 1
decorative concrete 2
decorative concrete 3

We started like we always do, by grinding the floor prior to applying the microfinish overlay. We always tint the overlay material with a color that pushes it in the direction the customer wants. In this case, because the floor was to be green, we added a little green pigment to the overlay material. We then applied the green acid stain to create the final translucent, marbleizing effect. A solvent based concrete sealer helped accentuate the final effect. They loved it! The floor went perfectly with the look they were trying to achieve. Even their dogs seemed to say “Now we can do what we want to and not get in so much trouble!” That, by the way, was what happened to the original carpet. The floor does look great but there is one small detail I would like to point out.

decorative concrete 4
decorative concrete 5
decorative concrete 6

When we apply a decorative concrete finish to a floor it covers almost all the defects we find. This floor had some rather large cracks, which we filled with a two-part epoxy mix that helps stabilize them. However, that doesn’t mean they may not come back, it just reduces this possibility. Sometimes it may still be possible to see a “shadow” or silhouette of the crack in the floor after the overlay process. It’s pretty rare and only happens when the cracks are very large, but if you look carefully you can see a few of them in the pictures. Not a big deal, in fact all of the concrete floors in this microfinish overlay section had cracks in them and this one was the only one that showed.

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