“A Cut Above” – Concrete floor design

This was a small project in Oak Point, Tx that included water staining and concrete floor design, specifically scoring the floor. Our homeowners existing carpet was the original one and unfortunately her pets, including an inquisitive ferret, had not been kind to it. She was tired of looking at it and wanted something that would be low maintenance and easier to clean if any “accidents” were to occur.

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She also wanted something that would stand out a little which is why we offer concrete floor design. Being in Texas, it did not come as any surprise that she opted for a Star of Texas in the entryway. This is one of our most popular concrete floor design options apart from actually scoring (making light decorative cuts) the floor in a diamond or tile pattern. Our Oak Point homeowner didn’t want to go with the tile pattern but she did want a border running around the perimeter of the rooms.

Because her flooring was a combination of carpet and wood we knew that the microfinish overlay was the only way to go to create a beautiful new floor and boy was it the correct decision! We pulled up the carpet and found magic marker and glue just everywhere. These are really tough to clean up completely if we were trying to stain the existing concrete, so by resurfacing the floor with the microfinish overlay we avoid these problems. Now when it came to the wood part of the floor that was a real bear to pull up. We had to go in with chipper hammers because it had been glued to the floor very well. Even then it still took almost an entire day and it was only 250 square feet that had to be pulled!

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After finally removing everything, we applied the microfinish overlay and started laying out our concrete floor design. The Star of Texas was drawn out on the floor and then we cut (scored) it out using a diamond saw. We offered our Oak Point homeowner the choice of either staining the entire star the same color or staining alternate parts of the star different colors. She chose the latter. Next we turned to the border. These are pretty straightforward to do; we just follow the walls of the room, keeping about 8 inches away from it. Her fireplace hearth was rounded so we decided to also follow it with a rounded border. Finally, we stained the border a darker color than the rest of the floor to make it stand out a little, which we usually do. Almost all of our projects involve some form of concrete floor design, whether it’s choosing colors, scoring options, or which rooms should be done. We are always here to help with the decision making process.

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