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Concrete is an excellent alternative to other countertop materials. We can match granite’s glossiness or go totally matte for those settings where it would be too formal. We can stain it with a wide variety of colors, some of which aren’t at all available with other countertop materials. At this home in Dallas, Texas, we were asked to build several custom kitchen countertops. The homeowner had specific ideas for the finished kitchen. Each countertop needed to be natural gray and a 2″ high edge.

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We arrived at the site to begin work, but before we got too far, we ran into an issue. The wooden cabinets that serve as bases for the custom kitchen countertops were more than 1/4″ out of level. This was unusual, since generally cabinet installers are pretty good in making them level.

There are two ways to resolve this issue. The first option would be to make the countertops thicker than we normally do. While both the top and bottom of the custom kitchen countertops would be level, we would incorporate a drop down edge that would help cover up the variation in cabinet height. Problem was that the homeowner wanted the countertops to be 2″ tall and by using a drop down edge it would have ended up thicker so that option was out. The second and best option is to simply level out the cabinets. Our homeowner did just that  and once they were level, we returned and resumed our part of the project. These custom kitchen countertops were cast-in-place which means we did all of the work in the home, from molding them up, to pouring, to sealing them.

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Because cast-in-place countertops are built on-site they are seamless and have a unique look. They do take more time to install as we have to complete the entire build process on site. For those looking for something a little quicker we offer precast custom kitchen countertops which we build in our shop and then install, usually in one day, minimizing down time. Due to their weight and size, precast countertops may be installed in sections  which means there may be a thin seam where they come together.

Since we pour our precast countertops in a mold they tend to have a smoother, more consistent finish. Cast in place countertops have a troweled finish which is where we pass a steel trowel over the concrete as it dries, burnishing it. This creates much more variations in the finish compared to that of a precast countertop. Both are beautiful looks, which way to go really just depends on what you are looking for. With either custom kitchen countertop option we can acid stain them to create a more variagated finish.

In this case our clients just wanted the natural gray look. Once the cabinets had been leveled we built the molds, poured them, allowed them to cure for a few days, then sealed them. What really sets this project apart is that huge island, it really stands out beautifully.

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