“The Office” – A concrete resurface project in Dallas, TX

This one started as a small guest home located behind our client’s home in Dallas, TX that they wanted to convert to an office area. They had done some extensive remodeling but wanted something special for the floors. Previously, it had tile, but when it got pulled off, it left behind a really rough floor with lots of pits, divots, and other issues that were a perfect candidate for a concrete resurface project. We got to work on it right away.

concrete resurface 1
concrete resurface 2
concrete resurface 3

The first step in a concrete resurface project is to grind the floor to remove any contaminants. This also “opens up” the floor so that our overlay material will stick tightly to the floor. By overlay, we mean we are “laying” a concrete resurface material “over” your existing concrete. We mix this material in a bucket, usually after adding pigment to it to give it a little color. Normally we apply it to the floor with a squeegee, spreading it out in a thin, even coat that buries divots, holes, and other problems. This coat has a sandy finish that offers excellent abrasion resistance.

Once the first coat in our Dallas project had dried, we followed it up with the microfinish. This concrete resurface material is much smoother. We also tint it to create more colors in the floor. It is applied with a steel trowel that forces the material between the sand grains from the first coat. By passing the trowel repeatedly over the floor while the material is setting up, it creates a burnishing effect that looks absolutely beautiful.

concrete resurface 4
concrete resurface 5
concrete resurface 6

Next, we hand scrape the floor to remove any high points left from the troweling process. The last step before staining is to put a plastic dropcloth along the walls to protect it from any overspray. Now we apply the stain with a sprayer, as it gives us much more control. Our Dallas homeowner chose a cherry wood stain which has a rich, reddish brown tone. Once the stain has dried, we apply a clear sealer to enhance the color and protect it.

The last step in our concrete resurface project is to apply a mop on wax coat that protects the entire floor from normal wear and tear. Our homeowners were quite pleased. We really like the microfinish overlay option for remodels, as it allows us to create beautiful, stained concrete floors, even when the original floor is in terrible shape.

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