Concrete countertop edges and corners

There is almost an infinite number of available concrete countertop edges and corners. Some are more standard than others but concrete, being what it is, allows us to get as custom as you would like. We can create anything ranging from a contemporary straight up and down edge (our most popular option) to making it look like it was chiseled right out of stone. Corners also run the gamut from square to rounded to even notched. It all depends on your taste and where you are thinking of installing the countertops. The included pictures are from various projects we’ve done in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex area. Each client was looking for something to suit their needs. We are always proponents of keeping it simple and elegant, but if you want something a little more showy, we can certainly do it.

concrete countertop edges and corners 1
concrete countertop edges and corners 2
concrete countertop edges and corners 3

We form these edges and corners using either foam, plastic, or wood edge material depending on what we are trying to achieve. If the client is looking for a concrete countertop edge that has gentle curves in it instead of long straight runs we almost always have to go with foam. Its greatest advantage is that it is easy to carve, bend, and shape allowing us to create rounded, organically shaped countertops. Otherwise we usually go with either plastic or wood as they leave a very smooth finish that requires very little touchup to wrap up.

concrete countertop edges and corners 4
concrete countertop edges and corners 5
concrete countertop edges and corners 6

After the pour and curing of the countertop, we pull the mold material off and do the final prep of the concrete countertop edge prior to sealing. We do need a little input from our clients regarding the final look. As you can see in some of the pictures, some edges are more “finished” than others. Some are very smooth but have small “bugholes” that are from air bubbles getting trapped between the wet concrete mix and the mold edge during the pour. These bubbles create the voids that result in the small holes. Other edges have some small visible stones showing through while others have more of a sandy texture. It just depends on what you want. We can go from very smooth, no holes showing to a rough chiseled stone edge. After doing this for more than 15 years we’ve found that most clients like for their concrete countertop edges to have some personality, i.e, to be somewhat rustic and not so polished and refined. That is the natural state of concrete after all, it’s generally not as “finished” as granite though if that’s the look you want, we can certainly provide.

Lastly, let’s look at the corners, by far our most popular style is a square, 90 degree corner, no frills. It’s elegant and works in just about any area but if you are looking for a little more, we can go with a notched or radius / rounded edge. Keep in mind that some concrete countertop edges look better with specific corner styles. If you’re not sure, we’re always happy to answer any questions you may have.

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