Concrete Resurfacing Projects

Resurfacing interior or exterior concrete floors opens up worlds of design possibilities: from simple and economic skim coats to more elaborate trowel downs that really dress up an area. Whatever the end result, all are achieved through the application of a thin, about 1/8″ thick, coating of a special cement mix designed to stick tightly to your floor. The standard term for this process is an “overlay” by which we mean we lay this material over your existing concrete in a thin coat. This gives us a great deal of flexibility in changing the appearance of your floors or repairing and renovating damaged concrete. Below are three of the most popular concrete resurfacing options.

skim coat overlay project
trowel down overlays project
microfinish overlays projects

Skim Coat (exteriors) – If your patio, pool deck, driveway, or other exterior concrete has an issue, a skim coat is an economical remedy. A skim coat overlay is a thin layer of special cement that is applied to the surface of your existing concrete, opening up new decorative possibilities. A skim coat can fix some leveling problems, or if you have extended your patio, blend in new and existing sections of concrete. It tends to have a grainier texture that is more slip resistant than other types of overlays such as a microfinish which we normally apply on interior concrete floors.

Trowel Down (interiors/exteriors) – These are freehand random effects troweled (material is pushed around using a flat steel handle) directly into the overlay material while it is still wet. It can be made to imitate stone surfaces while maintaining a relatively flat surface. It can also be scored (cut) into an individual stone pattern or left as is to simulate a large, unbroken, stone like surface. We can apply trowel downs in  both interior or exterior areas.

Microfinish (interiors) – A thin, smooth coating of overlay material for interior concrete floors which have had other types of flooring previously installed. A microfinish allows us to start with a “clean slate”, burying issues such as tack strip holes, glue, magic marker, tile “ghost images”, etc. — basically all the gunk we tend to find underneath existing flooring — and replace it with a brand new concrete surface ready for acid staining.

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