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In our experience, the most difficult part of the microfinish concrete overlay process for our clients is deciding on a color for their new concrete floors. That wasn’t the case with this client in Arlington, Tx. She knew exactly what she wanted and it was a black colored stained floor! Generally we recommend avoiding very dark or light floor colors or using high gloss waxes as cleaning or maintaining them can be a little more arduous. This is because dust, pet hair, shoe scuff marks, etc., show up much more on a very dark or light floor and especially so if it has a high gloss to it. Next our clients usually want to know how to maintain their beautiful floors and what concrete cleaner they should use.

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Neutral tones are great for microfinish overlays – colors like beiges, browns, and even grays work very well with most interior decors. Most clients prefer medium tones because dark concrete floors can make a room look smaller, especially at night. We once had a customer sign off on a very dark floor which she loved during the day but once the sun went down it was just too dark. Alternately, very light floors lack personality, you just don’t have enough contrast between the lighter and darker colors created by the acid or dye staining process to give it “pop”. Medium-toned floors are a great middle ground; you appreciate the staining effect on them much more. After sealing the floors we recommend putting down a couple of wax coats to act as a “sacrificial barrier”. You usually have two choices: gloss or matte. Gloss looks beautiful but because it reflects light so well, everything stands out against it including pet hair, dust, scratches, etc. If low maintenance is what you’re looking for, then a matte wax is the best bet because things tend to blend in more with the floor.

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Now, regarding the a concrete cleaner for your new floors, we recommend using a Neutral-Base Cleaner as part of your regular maintenance whenever you wish to mop the floor. A neutral-base concrete cleaner will not harm the sealer or leave a soapy residue that may dull the floor. We also recommend reapplying wax to maintain protection of the floor every three to six months for residential applications and at least once a month for commercial installations depending on foot traffic.

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