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Sometimes it’s possible to apply a microfinish concrete overlay without having to stain it. This Flower Mound, Tx doctor’s office was one such case. When we were called in to look at the job it was evident that the floor was in need of extensive concrete floor repair. We often suggest using microfinish overlays for remodels because we just don’t know what’s under the existing flooring until we pull it up. Sometimes the floor is in such a bad shape that doing a direct acid stain just looks bad. A microfinish overlay will resurface the floor, cover up all the defects and give us a brand new palette to work with.

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However, this floor had a previous history. The tenant had actually hired another contractor to do an acid stain but they had taken certain “shortcuts” with the concrete floor repair that had left it a little short of the tenant’s expectations. It was also obvious there had been major plumbing problems in the facility because there were several patches where plumbers had cut through the concrete floor. The floor also had glued down carpet and though the contractor had done his best to remove the glue it was still visible in many places. They had also stopped the staining process about halfway through the job which is very unusual as acid staining is a reactive process and if you don’t do it all at once you’ll get inconsistent results. When we looked, we also noticed a lot of wood staining cans lying around – and that the wood stain was the same color of the floor and we drew our own conclusions. Between the “stained” floor, glue lines, and patches all over, our only option to satisfy the customer and do a good concrete floor repair was to use the microfinish overlay.

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Because they were already in pretty deep, both in time and money, the tenant opted to go with just the microfinish concrete overlay without the additional staining step we usually do. We can do this by just tinting the overlay material, a natural gray in this case. It creates a unique looking floor, one that doesn’t have as much personality as you get with the staining process but is still very pretty to look at. We ground the floor, completely removing the previous “stain” and applied the microfinish overlay. The new tenants moved in that weekend, very happy with their new floor.

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