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Many of our customers are looking to do something a little different with their home flooring. They know that they have a wide selection of available options, ranging from wood, tile, linoleum, carpet, laminates, etc., but they’re also looking for something that will stand out from the rest. These Carrollton, Tx homeowners asked us, “So how does a microfinish overlay compare?” The quick answer is “Very well!” A microfinish overlay is highly customizable, completely unique in appearance, very durable, and a low maintenance option for home flooring.

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Our homeowners were interested in a specific look, they had carpet and were just bone tired of having to deal with the stains. Tile is a nice option: it’s tough and there are lots of choices but you have to deal with the grout lines that after a few years, even if you seal them, tend to accumulate dirt and look dingy. Linoleum is very economical… and often looks that way. Wood is a beautiful option but unless you know somebody in the business, you may be shell shocked when it comes to pricing, especially if it’s the real thing and not just a laminate. After researching all these options, our homeowners realized that the microfinish concrete overlay was the best option.

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First, they wanted a floor that was different from any other, so to create this effect we used a dye stain on this project. We used brown in the living room area and a dark gray/black stain for the bathroom that closely matched the color of the tile that was right next to it. Next, they wanted a diamond pattern scored into the floor to showcase the living room area and separate it from the rest of the home. Lastly, they wanted it at a competitive price and we delivered on that too. Most people are surprised at just how affordable a microfinish overlay can be as a home flooring option. Generally we’re very competitive with tile and far cheaper than wood (the real stuff). Yes, we are a little more than carpet and linoleum, but even then not by much. Curious? Just go to the PRICING page and find out for yourself or give us a call, we’ll be happy to answer your questions.

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