Scored Concrete Floor

This Lewisville, Tx microfinish overlay project showcases just how well scoring (cutting a shallow groove in the floor to create a pattern) works with a microfinish overlay. After tearing out carpet, linoleum, and a huge amount of wood from the floor, we went in with the microfinish concrete overlay to create a fresh starting point. The homeowner was looking for something a little different, so we suggested a scored concrete floor with a combination of floating and alternately colored diamonds. So how do you decide whether to score the floor?

scored concrete floor 1
scored concrete floor 2
scored concrete floor 3

K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Stupid) is always a good way to go with design projects. It’s easy to go overboard, to do too much, and in the end lose the effect of what makes scoring special. If you’re doing a large area, like the bottom floor of your home, we normally don’t recommend scoring the entire area unless it’s just one wide open space. Trying to score every small closet, bathroom, or laundry room can quickly go overboard. If it’s a large project with multiple rooms, we normally recommend choosing just a few of them for scoring so that they’ll stand out and leaving the rest alone to create a nice contrast.

scored concrete floor 4
scored concrete floor 5
scored concrete floor 6

Our homeowner decided she wanted a scored concrete floor in the entryway and dining room with a border and a “floating diamond” pattern in the kitchen and office areas. We both agreed that a larger diamond pattern was the way to go, about 3 feet wide, as a smaller pattern tends to make the floor look “busy”. She dressed it up even more by asking us to apply another acid stain color to every other diamond. Once the scoring and acid staining was done, we wrapped it all up with a good concrete sealer and a protective wax coat. As long as you keep it simple, a scored concrete floor will certainly add a touch of elegance to any project.

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