Skim Coat Overlay Projects

Thank you for taking a moment to visit our skim coat projects page. For those looking for an economical way to fix up their exterior concrete floors, this is one of the best options available. By resurfacing your existing concrete floor using a thin coat of special cement, we can eliminate many typical eyesores. We only recommend its use for exterior concrete surfaces such as driveways, patios, and pool decks as it has a sandy texture better suited for outside. In the following projects we will go into much more detail about just what a skim coat is, how we apply it, what are its pros and cons, and how much does a skim coat cost. It’s one of our most popular options for exterior concrete because of its durability, beauty, and low cost.

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skim coat concrete project
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Here is a quick rundown of some skim coat pros. First, the skim coat has the lowest cost of all our concrete resurfacing options for fixing minor concrete issues. These include pits, cracks, stains, and that, oh so, noticeable color difference when you butt up a freshly poured patio extension up against the original patio. Second, it lends itself very well to acid staining to create a variegated look and can be applied over many different concrete surfaces even including exposed aggregate (stones sticking up through the concrete) to “soften it up”.

Here are some of the skim coat cons. It cannot be used to repair concrete floors that have extensive damage as too many coats would be needed and the skim coat cost would be too high. Also, large cracks may still be visible in the final finish and they can create a visible silhouette. Last, they can only be applied to exterior surfaces as they have a grainy surface texture that is easy to clean by hosing it down; not so much by moping or vacuuming.

Now when it comes to pricing, a skim coat cost will normally fall in the $2 – $4 per square foot range depending on what options you select. Larger projects have a lower cost per square foot than smaller projects. We have a $1,800 minimum for our work but may be able to make an exception in certain cases. Please give us a call for an estimate or use our skim coat cost estimator you can find by clicking the PRICING link above.

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