Concrete Restoration

Our concrete restoration story begins a few years back when our Flower Mound, TX homeowners decided to install a new pool. Everything went well until they poured the pool deck. It was the middle of summer, 100 degrees out, and there were only four people handling the pour; not surprisingly, it went south on them. One part of the pool deck, about 70 square feet, set so fast that they weren’t able to finish it out correctly, leaving a really obvious rough area. After some discussion, it was decided that it was better to leave it there than tear it all out and start over.

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Fast forward to the present, our homeowners were moving on and brought in a real estate agent to help sell the house. The first thing she pointed out to them was that the rough concrete wasn’t going to motivate any buyers. We got the call about a day later asking if we could do anything to fix it up, and as soon as we saw it, we knew it was a prime candidate for concrete restoration using a skim coat overlay.

Most of the pool deck was in great shape; it was that little area of rough concrete that really stood out. We worked it over using grinders to smooth it out as much as possible, then applied our concrete restoration material. Normally we just apply two coats to get a nice even coverage, filling in the low spots and creating a uniform floor throughout. In this case, as rough as the floor was, we had to go with an extra coat to help smooth things out. Once that dried, we applied a stain to create some interesting variegation and color shifting throughout the area.

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Isn’t it funny that we tend to put off repairs and other cosmetic touchups to our homes while we live there, but when it’s time to sell, we pull out all the stops in making it look beautiful? Case in point, they had lived with the bare, rough concrete for years and initially had wanted a simple but elegant look, but once we got started, they asked us to score the patio part of the project into a stone-like pattern and also to create a subtle “wave” design in the floor that worked really well with the backyard pool theme. Our concrete restoration project was a complete success!

Our Flower Mound homeowners just loved it and the realtor was also quite pleased (and very surprised at how much better it looked). If you have an exterior concrete floor that was damaged or you just want to dress it up, a skim coat overlay is a beautiful and economical way to go—no tear out, no starting all over again, just skim coating it!

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