Trowel Down Overlay Projects

Thanks for visiting our trowel down projects page. Here you will find a reasonably priced way of dressing up your existing concrete, interior and exterior, to make it look like stone. We do this without having to tear out your existing concrete flooring or having to add a lot of thickness to it by using a special cement mix that will stick to your floor in a thin coat. Take some time to go through our projects as we go over just what a trowel down is, how we apply it and just what its pros and cons are. It’s an excellent alternative for creating a truly unique floor at a competitive price. We can usually apply a trowel down to a 500 ft2 area in about three to four days.

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  • Creates a stone like appearance on a concrete floor for a competitive cost.
  • Blends new and old concrete to make it all look the same
  • Can be acid stained or water stained to create a variegated look
  • Can be applied over exposed aggregate concrete to “soften” it
  • Fixes concrete floors that have more extensive damage than because it’s applied in thicker coats.


  • Because the material is textured by hand it is not as “authentic” looking as a stamped overlay.
  • Trowel down overlays normally run between $3 – $6 per square foot.

Larger projects have a lower cost per square foot than smaller projects. We have a $1,800 minimum for our work. Please give us a call for an estimate or use our online estimator you can find in the PRICING link above.

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