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Third time’s the charm, right? That’s what these Keller, TX homeowners hoped when they hired us to apply a concrete floor coating over their back patio, located adjacent to their swimming pool. Most families who have a pool enjoy relaxing on their back patio; and a big part of that is liking how it looks. Unfortunately that wasn’t the case here, the back patio looked awful. Why? An epoxy paint that was peeling up everywhere; the entire back patio was covered with it. To add insult to injury, they had tried to fix it once before, but the new layer of epoxy paint came up even faster the second time around. We got the call, “Please replace this mess with a beautiful, and durable, concrete floor coating”.

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The first step in this project (and in any concrete floor coating job that involves applying a trowel-down finish) is to adequately prep the floor before starting the job. It’s a critical step in the process and if you take a shortcut here, it will come back and bite you in the end. That’s why we’re sticklers for proper prepping! To prepare this particular floor for a concrete floor coating application, we first thoroughly cleaned it with a power washer to get rid of all the loose paint. Since it was so contaminated with epoxy paint we had to follow this up with grinding. Normally we don’t have to do this for exterior floors but if we just tried to apply our overlay material onto the peeling epoxy paint, it would eventually come up. In this case, grinding was the most important step in preparing the floor for our concrete floor coating material as it gives it some “texture” that allows it to “bite” into the floor. This step ensures that the coating adheres well and bonds completely, and that the end result will be strong, durable, and long-lasting. Next, we evaluated the condition of the freshly exposed concrete looking for any large divots, holes, and cracks that needed to be patched or filled in.

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After the guys had prepped the surface, they applied the trowel down material to the floor, texturing it by hand as it went down. After it dried completely, they chalked out a stone pattern on the floor and then scored (cut) it out using handheld grinders. Finally, they stained it in with a rich, warm shade that contrasts nicely with the blue green color of the pool. It really makes the backyard look nice – especially at night when the patio is softly lit and the underwater pool light is turned on. What did our homeowners think about their new patio? Indeed, they agreed, the third time was the charm.

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