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Our dogs, cats and other pets always bring us joy. In fact, many pet owners consider their furry friends an essential part of the family. The owners of this home in Garland, TX are no exception: they loved their pets and never considered giving them up, even knowing what they were doing to their carpets. However, in order for the both owners and their pets to coexist in harmony, a flooring overhaul was needed. Carpeting was not conducive to a happily-ever-after scenario, especially after their pets had completely destroyed it by scratching, tracking in dirt and having more than a few “accidents”. They were looking for a flooring that would be more pet-resistant.

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The first step in this flooring overhaul was to remove the worn and pet-stained carpet and the padding underneath it. It was a dirty job, but we had to get back to the original concrete. That done, we were able to evaluate the concrete floor that had been covered up for years by carpet. What we found was certainly not a pretty sight. Clearly, the concrete under the carpet was not in very good shape. So, before we could get to the fun part of the job – installing a beautiful trowel down with a stained and scored tiled pattern in it – we first had some repair work to do.

We used a concrete resurfacer to patch the gaping holes and a special crack fill epoxy to help close the large amount of cracks we found running throughout. We often find ourselves having to use a concrete resurfacer after removing carpeting, linoleum, wood or tile as the original concrete floor is often “marked” by these flooring materials. By this, we mean that you can see a pattern left behind, whether it’s from a crack, glue from carpet or linoleum, or a “ghost image” showing where tile used to be. Most people don’t want to see these patterns once the job is finished and the only way to be sure to get rid of them is to bury them under a fresh layer of concrete resurfacer.

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We applied the concrete resurfacer to the entire floor, in a two-step process, the first being a skim coat. The second step is the actual trowel down where our guys spread the material by hand, usually on their hands and knees, throughout the floor, creating a subtle, custom texture. Once the trowel down texture had dried the guys scored the concrete to create a diamond pattern throughout. Finally, they stained the flooring a deep, natural bamboo colored hue that complemented the home’s décor – and that also would mask muddy footprints and dirt that pets tend to track into a house. The end result not only was beautiful, it also was durable and very easy to clean – just right for a home full of pets! Warm, inviting, odor-free, and low-maintenance – this concrete floor beats any carpeted floor, hands and paws down!

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