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Home builders often build similar looking homes in the housing developments they work on. That’s usually because offering buyers limited options and floor plans keeps costs low and ensures a unified look for the neighborhood. To avoid the dreaded “cookie-cutter” look of some neighborhoods, homeowners often opt to customize their home’s exterior. An easy way to do this is to use floor coatings. That was why the owners of this Prosper, TX, home contacted us – to create a decorative sidewalk that would set their house apart. We knew that using decorative floor coatings would give them the special, custom look they craved.

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For this particular project, we decided on a two-pronged approach that was sure to amp up the curb appeal of our clients’ home. The first design element we created was a bold stamped overlay. Concrete stamping is the process of creating an authentic stone-like appearance over existing concrete. First, we cleaned and prepped the existing concrete surface, then we poured a layer of the cement coating material about 1/4″ thick onto the floor. We created the stone look by pressing a rubber mat with a stone pattern into the floor coatings before they had dried completely. Afterwards, we applied a stain to color it in, choosing complementary hues that would enhance the home’s exterior.

But wait! There’s more! After we had finished step one (the stamped overlay) we set our sights on the sidewalk surrounding it. Most home owners would have been content with just the decorative stamped overlay – it looks great after all – but our clients wanted something a little more unique so we followed up applying a trowel down to the sidewalk. In this step, we applied the cement-based floor coatings to the sidewalk around the previously stamped overlay section and then manually textured it by “hand whipping” the material as it was being put down. Combining these two techniques created an interesting mix of complementary textures and color shades that our homeowners just loved. We can apply trowel down floor coatings with either a light or heavy texture, this was definitely a case of the latter.

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We wrapped it up by scoring, staining, sealing, and grouting it. Yes, we grouted it just you would do with tile. We use our same overlay material, mix some pigment into it and force it into the cut created by the scoring process and it’s very similar to grouting tile work, and just as labor intensive. As you can see, the final result was well worth the extra step (please pardon the appearance of the stamped overlay in the pictures – since we did the job in two steps that stamped part got a little dirty in the interim). Once we cleaned off the entire area it just sparkled in the summer sun. Our homeowners were very pleased with the final result, it really works well with their home’s exterior.

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