Concrete Farmhouse Sink

If you ask a realtor how you can increase the value of your home, she’ll probably  recommend upgrading your kitchen. When these Flower Mound, TX homeowners set out to remodel their home, they wanted the kitchen to receive the VIP treatment. After mulling their options, they decided to install concrete countertops with a unique concrete farmhouse sink that would stand out. This combination was sure to create a “wow” factor in their kitchen.

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Unlike granite, marble, tile, Corian, and other countertop options, concrete is extremely versatile and easy to work with. After we pour the concrete mixture into custom molds, it flows into each corner and angle of the mold and then hardens. Concrete can be used to create almost any shape a homeowner desires. When you opt for concrete you’re limited only by your imagination. For this project, our clients requested that we create a unique stone-textured edge on their countertops. No problem. We built a single-use Styrofoam mold to create the custom edges. They also asked us to build a single basin concrete farmhouse sink. (When these owners said they wanted their new kitchen to impress, they really meant business!) They told us precisely what size and style they wanted and we built another mold to those specs.

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Concrete countertops can be made in one of two ways. Either they are cast in place (manufactured onsite and poured directly in the space where they will “live”) or precast (manufactured in our facility to precise measurements, then transported in sections to the client’s home or business, and then installed.) Either option achieves a stunning end result. Cast-in-place countertops have a seamless appearance but as we are doing everything on site, turnaround time is slower. The benefit of precast countertops is that when we make them at our facility, we can offer such options as integral backsplashes and drain boards, acid staining, and fine polishing but they will be installed in sections which will have thin seams. The biggest advantage is that downtime is minimal as all we do on the job site is install them. Neither process is “better” – which to choose depends on the end result you desire.

In this case, the countertops were cast in place in the kitchen. That said, for our concrete farmhouse sink we only have one option – precast. It is impossible to try to do this as a cast in place option. The sink itself was made in a separate mold, poured, cured, then installed underneath the countertops once they had been finished. All pieces were sealed with a solvent-based polyurethane that added a high-gloss shine and made the surfaces very durable and stain-resistant. This kitchen remodel turned out just as the homeowners had hoped. The countertops are definitely a conversation piece and the concrete farmhouse sink the focal point of this beautiful kitchen renovation.

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