Concrete Tables

We offer concrete tables in many colors, shapes, and sizes.  We can build tabletops for anything from the traditional dinner tables to custom office desks. We typically build the tops in our shop located in Fort Worth, TX where they are available for either pickup or we can also deliver and install them on a base of your choice. Select any of the the projects below to get more information about our concrete tables.

cement table
concrete coffee table
concrete dining table
concrete desk
concrete tabletop
concrete table
concrete table top
cement table top
concrete top dining table

Typically our tabletops are precast, meaning that they are made in our shop after we receive the measurements from you. A mold is made and the tabletop is cast, cured and finished. This allows us to offer options such as tall drop edges, acid staining to create unusual color schemes, and fine polishing of the tabletop. After sealing the tabletop can either be picked up by you or we can deliver and install it on the base you have provided.

If you have a very large project where precasting would be impractical we also offer cast in place concrete tabletops. These are manufactured on site. A mold is built on the base you have provided, filled with a cement mix, cured, and sealed to minimize the risk of staining from normal everyday use. The surface is hand trowelled, a process that creates swirls and slight color changes. Cast in place tabletops are seamless from one end to the other.

Precast concrete tabletops start at $55 per square foot for a simple setup and we have a $1,200 minimum. For cast in place tabletops we would need to go over some build details before giving you a ballpark number. This pricing is for residential projects. For commercial projects, please give us a call for an estimate.

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