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Thank you for visiting our concrete countertops cost page, here you will be able to find some of the more popular options we offer for concrete countertops and pricing for them using the estimator located below these general pricing tables. If you are looking for something a little more custom then please don’t hesitate in contacting us and we will price it out separately. Please keep in mind that the tables below are just a general ballpark idea of what concrete countertops cost, for more specific information about what factors affect cost, please use the estimator and continue reading the material we have provided after it. Thanks.

The very first thing you are probably asking is “What is an overlay”? Basically we apply a thin coat of concrete resurfacing material over your existing countertops to give it the concrete look without having to do a tearout, that’s why its cheaper and faster. It is the same type of material we use for our flooring overlays so it’s tough and can easily handle the normal day to day abuse that countertops get. We can put it over tile, formica, granite, wood, even old, abused concrete countertops. There are some limits, your existing countertops have to be in good shape, our overlay is only as good as what it goes over and you have to use the same type of sink as is currently installed. You can change the sink but it has to have the same basic size and shape. We also have to keep the same size, edge style, and corners of your existing countertops. If these factors works for you then you can save some money going with the overlay. If you currently don’t have countertops or want to completely change the look and size of your sink and countertops then we offer the precast (we build them in our shop and install them) or cast in place (we build a mold on your existing countertops and pour them on site) options. Below are videos showing the process for both an overlay and a cast in place countertop.

Concrete Countertop Overlay Video

Cast in Place Countertop Video

What are some of the factors that affect pricing? Labor, by far, has the greatest influence on concrete countertops cost. Building molds for countertops is not a simple process; it requires a lot of measuring for laying out sinks, faucets, edges, thicknesses, and making sure everything is square and level as cabinets or stone bases almost never are. Next we have to install bases for the countertop itself, edges, all the while taking care of the base cabinets. Lastly, we mix the cement with all its additives in the correct proportions, place it, and finish it so that it’s smooth then seal it with the right sealer. It does require trained personnel or things won’t end well.

Concrete countertops cost is also dependent on what upgrades may be chosen, i.e., if you want to acid stain or polish the countertops. This will increase price as they are labor-intensive processes, particularly polishing. Other options include custom edges such as rounded, chipped stone, or bullnose, and the type of sealer that you would like us to apply to protect your countertop. We normally include polyurethane sealers in our base charge but other types, such as epoxy, are available for a small additional charge.

All in all, concrete countertop prices are quite competitive with granite and other solid surface solutions. We offer a unique looking option for your kitchens, bathrooms, and outdoor areas that stands out from all the rest. We hope this concrete countertops cost estimator helps in your decision making process, feel free to contact us if you have any questions or if you would like to schedule a quote.

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