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Thank you for visiting our Concrete Staining Cost page, we will go over some of the options that are available for concrete staining for interior floors and the pricing for them. First, let’s make sure you are using the right estimator for your project located below these general pricing tables. Please keep in mind that the tables below are just a general ballpark idea of what an interior concrete stain costs, for more specific information about what factors affect cost, please use the estimator and continue reading the material we have provided after it. Thanks.

interior acid staining cost table 1
interior acid staining cost table 2

It’s important to make sure this is the process you want to do on your floor as anything that was on the floor will leave behind a “shadow” or silhouette behind that will not be covered up by concrete staining. This is why we recommend doing a concrete stain for interior floors only if nothing was previously installed. If you did have carpet, tile, or wood on the floor then we can go with the microfinish overlay process which resurfaces your floor with a thin layer of concrete prior to staining it (we have another estimator available for microfinish overlays). This creates a new floor that covers up all these defects. That being said, it’s not impossible for us to do a concrete stain on a remodel, it’s just that there is a greater risk of something showing up at the end of the job. Below is a video showing how we apply an acid stain to a floor.

What options affect concrete staining cost? First is whether the floor is new construction or a remodel. Pricing for new construction is significantly less than for remodels as there is much less cleaning involved prior to applying the concrete stain. Another factor for remodels is removing the existing flooring. We can pull up the tile, carpet, and linoleum that is on the floor. Each has a different price point with tile and wood, being the hardest to remove, having the highest cost.

Concrete staining costs are very competitive with tile and wood laminates, and substantially less than actual wood installations, especially in the case of new construction. It’s a unique and durable alternative to more traditional flooring options that will really highlight your home.

We hope this concrete staining cost estimator helps in your decision making process, feel free to contact us if you have any questions or if you would like to schedule a quote. We service the entire Dallas and Fort Worth metroplex area. Thank you for your time.

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