Concrete Tables and Tabletops pricing

Thank you for visiting our concrete tabletop cost estimator page. If you are not sure how to figure out the square footage of your tabletop, take a look at our primer below the estimator. Currently we are offering tabletops for installation on a base you provide. In the near future we will also be offering an assortment of bases that you may choose from to complement the tabletop. Our standard concrete tabletops have a 2″ tall edge but we can increase or decrease that depending on your tastes, however it may affect your final concrete tabletop cost. To keep weight manageable we cut back to 3/4″ thickness in the center portion of the tabletop.

When ordering a base make sure that it can handle the weight. You can use a figure of about 10 lb. per square foot. Ex: If you want a large dining room tabletop that is about 3′ – 6″ wide by 8′ long (seats 8 to 10 people) that comes out to be 28 square feet so the tabletop would weigh around 280 lbs. For safety reasons we have a maximum weight for any individual piece we install of 400 lb. That corresponds to no more than 40 square feet of tabletop.

Lastly, we do offer delivery and installation in the Dallas /Fort Worth, TX Metroplex area, there is a minimum $150 charge but that can double or even triple depending on your location from our shop in Fort Worth, the size of the piece to be installed, and where you want it placed. Alternately, you can pick it up from our shop for free. Please keep in mind that this concrete tabletop cost is just an estimate, pricing can change depending on your exact specification. Contact us if you have any questions. Thanks!

How to figure out the size and weight (square feet and pounds) of your tabletop

For square or rectangular pieces, simply measure the length and multiply it by the width. Then multiply this by 10 lbs/square foot.

 ex: rectangular tabletop measuring 3 feet wide by 6 feet long would be 3 x 6 = 18 square feet and weigh 180 pounds (18 ft2 x 10 lb./ft2)

For round tabletops multiply the diameter (width across the surface) by itself again and then by 0.785.

 ex: a round tabletop that is 5 feet across would be 5 x 5 x 0.785 for a total of 19.6 square feet and a weight of 196 pounds (19.6 ft2 x 10 lb./ft2)

ex: a 6 foot wide round table would be 6 x 6 x 0.785 for a total of  28.3 square feet and a weight of 283 pounds (28.3 x 10 lb./ft2).

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