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Ahhh… testimonials. Here is where we put ourselves in the best possible light. Typically you would only find positive, glowing reviews about how well we do our work. Is that realistic though? We all know that nobody is perfect, no company is going to hit a home run on every job, not every client is going to be 100% satisfied, all the time, sometimes things don’t come out as expected. What really matters is how a company responds to an issue; do they blow it off or take care of it? Below are what we call Real Reviews. These are a combination of emails, texts, and more importantly, an anonymous survey done at our behest by a third party. This survey asked our previous clients to grade us and share their experiences so we could see our strengths and weaknesses.  We are firm believers in Trust, but Verify” so go ahead, cross check our SolCrete reviews with Angie’s List or the Better Business Bureau. We’re not perfect but we do our best to resolve legitimate issues.

Most of these reviews are graded (A-F) but they also include ungraded texts and emails that came in directly from our clients. Those who like spaghetti westerns will recognize how these are laid out. Our SolCrete reviews are what we call “The Good”, “The So-So”, and “The Ugly”.

“The Good”

“I use them all the time. They just do great work, and I like their product. It’s cost-effective, and I really like the owner. Their customer service is very good—I dealt with the owner directly. They put in four concrete countertops, and they’ve also…

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“The So-So”

“It was one heck of a long time ago. It was mostly positive. I had some issues afterwards. I tried to get them to come back, and basically, he didn’t come back for ages, which ticked me off. When the job was done, it was…

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“The Ugly”

“They did my floors. There was huge white sod coming through the concrete. I cleaned with vinegar and I’ve scrubbed, but they continue to come back. The workers came back and they waxed them, but it didn’t make any difference. In fact…

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