SolCrete Reviews – “So-So”

These are a combination of anonymous reviews from a survey done by a third party on jobs we have done over the years and texts and emails received from some of our clients. Please let us know if you have any questions.


“It was one heck of a long time ago. It was mostly positive. I had some issues afterwards. I tried to get them to come back, and basically, he didn’t come back for ages, which ticked me off. When the job was done, it was okay. They resurfaced a patio, and I would give them a C+.“


“It was fine. I’d give them a B-.“


“We had our floors done in April 213. They were beautiful in the beginning but 3 yrs later the color has worn off of high traffic areas. We went with stained concrete over tile, at the time, because we thought it would last a long time. We are now in the market to have our floors done again because the color hasn’t lasted.“


“We didn’t need the skim coat but were talked into it by the owner (he’s a convincing sales person). The quality of the job wasn’t consistent, specifically, 1) the skim coat is uneven (floor isn’t level), 2) some areas weren’t smoothed out and wavy ridges and divots are in a couple areas, 3) there were a couple of shards of tile left on the floor (floor wasn’t totally cleaned) and they protrude. When I broke one off the color went with it and there is a white plastery substance instead of color (that I was told about in advance). The marble pattern is lovely but in some spots there are speckles instead of the lovely marble pattern. SolCrete was upfront about how the color of the skimcoat is on the top layer, any deep scrapes or removal by adhesive (stuck to couch leg) pulls the color off and leaves the white skimcoat underlayer. At first glance the floor looks lovely.“


“I didn’t think that they were very thorough in their actual service and application. A little more attention to detail would have been nice. They resurfaced a pool deck. The reason I chose them over a different company is because they seemed to be the ones that would provide a service that was what I was looking for, as far as a simple resurfacing goes. I’d probably give them a C for average work.“

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