SolCrete Reviews – “The Ugly”

These are a combination of anonymous reviews from a survey done by a third party on jobs we have done over the years and texts and emails received from some of our clients. Please let us know if you have any questions.


“They did my floors. There was huge white sod coming through the concrete. I cleaned with vinegar and I’ve scrubbed, but they continue to come back. The workers came back and they waxed them, but it didn’t make any difference. In fact, I did my own concrete floors in my other house and they were way better than these floors. I’m a real-estate broker, so I’m sure someone told me about this company. I would not use them again. What I’m going to have to do is put hardwood over these floors. I don’t have a choice—it’s that bad. It’s old concrete, and the problem was that there were some cracks in the concrete. What I did was I veined the concrete cracks with the little concrete things. So when you do it, the cracks look like veins are in the floor now, and it looks better. I think maybe the moisture is coming up—I’m not sure. I cleaned them before Christmas, and they still come back—it’s like a white powder.“


“I wouldn’t recommend them. The guy who owns it really, really talks big, but then he had an inexperienced foreman and crew, so I didn’t like the job. When they stained it, they didn’t stain well, close to the wall. I have a room that had carpet in before and there were holes where the nails were going for the carpet strips. First of all, they said they were through, and they were supposed to put a sealing layer over the whole thing. That was the job. This was probably two years ago, something like that. They didn’t fill the holes, so I said, ‘You need to fill those holes,’ and so he did go in and put a border in, but he didn’t stain it well. I didn’t think he stained it well at all—I was very upset with the job. There was nothing else I could do so I just paid him and got moving, but I didn’t think they did a professional job. I would give them a D, and I wouldn’t use them again.“




“They were initially helpful and I expected a good job. Throughout the experience, the owner was rude in my opinion, almost condescending. After I had issues with the final product and he would not get back in touch and continued to not follow-up. When I finally was able to get in touch, he acted as if it was our fault. They came out to fix after multiple cancellations and still have an issue with the final product. One of the worst experiences I’ve had with a customer service company.“


Amir –

We need to discuss this. Less then a week after the slab was poured, it has cracked across the entire slab. Not only cracked but it has widen creating a larger gap. I am faced with questioning the structural integrity of the slab, the proper depth, rebar and base substrate utilized, not to mention the kind of cement used. Definitely not happy. Regardless if I have an overlay added which is much more costly this base will effect that on the long term. As I mentioned, I knew I was paying “premium” for you to do that flatwork so it could be completed quicker then my normal cement guys, but I expect much better quality.

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