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Let’s Find Out How Much Concrete Countertops Cost!

concrete countertops

Below are some concrete countertop cost tables. Our concrete countertops options are PRECAST (built in our shop), CAST IN PLACE (poured at your home), or OVERLAY (resurfacing your existing countertops). Please keep in mind that these are just general ballpark numbers, contact us for more specific information about the types of countertops we have available and to discuss your project. Thank you!

concrete countertop cost table 1
concrete countertop cost table 2

Why Concrete Countertops?

Because They’re A Gorgeous And Affordable Alternative To Regular Countertops!

Unique countertops

Easy To Clean and Maintain

and include many colors from eggshell whites to neutral grays and even vibrant blues

colors for countertops

An Upscale Look 

that accentuates every space while very competitively priced with granite

Showcasing Your Home 

with a custom look including seamless finishes, multiple edge options, and many other features.

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