Exterior Stained Concrete Cost Estimator

Thank you for visiting our exterior stained concrete estimator page. Keep in mind that this estimator provides a ballpark pricing of what an exterior concrete stain can cost, please contact us for a formal quote.

Let’s make sure you are using the right estimator for your project, here’s a quick primer on exterior floor concrete staining. This option is best for a driveway, patio, porch or sidewalk that is in good shape, all sections were poured at the same time, and is relatively stain free. By stain free we mean that it doesn’t have oil, paint, or other stains all over. This is because acid staining doesn’t hide anything and any stain that is on the floor prior to acid staining will be completely visible after we have finished. 

Also if you added an extension to your patio, driveway, or porch an acid stain will create a different shade of color between the two sections. If the floor is not in good shape, has a lot of stains on it, or has sections poured at different times we recommend applying a skim coat overlay that resurfaces the floor prior to staining it. (We have another estimator available for skim coat overlays). 

The overlay will cover up all these imperfections allowing for a consistent color throughout the area when we apply the concrete stain. That being said, it’s not impossible for us to do a concrete stain on an exterior floor that has these issues, it’s just that there is a greater risk of something showing up at the end of the job. 

So what affects the price for exterior stained concrete floors? The two most significant factors are the size of the job and whether there is anything on the floor prior to us starting. As can be expected, the larger the job, the lower the cost per square foot. If the floor was painted or had another type of coating on it then we have to remove it before trying to stain the concrete and this will increase the cost of completing the project.

Stained concrete floors cost less than any other decorative concrete option as it generally a quick process from start to finish. It’s a unique and durable alternative to other flooring options such as overlays or epoxy paints.

We hope this estimator helps in your decision making process, feel free to contact us if you have any questions or if you would like to schedule a quote. We service the entire Dallas and Fort Worth metroplex area.

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