Trowel Down Overlay Cost - Exterior

Thank you for visiting our trowel down overlay for exterior concrete floors estimator page. Here we will talk about the options that are available and give you a ballpark estimate for your project in the Dallas and Fort Worth Metroplex. For more info, see below.

Here’s a quick primer on trowel downs. A trowel down is an excellent option for exterior surfaces such as patios, sidewalks, driveways, and porches that need minor to moderate repair or if you are trying to “tie-in” newer and older concrete that looks different. 

A trowel down overlay resurfaces the existing concrete with a thin layer of new concrete and this eliminates small cracks, holes, scratches, stains, and other minor to moderate imperfections. This is very similar to a skim coat with one key difference, where a skim coat material goes down flat, with a trowel down we “hand whip it” to create a beautiful, stone-like texture.

What options affect our trowel down resurfacing cost? Number one is the size of the project, the larger it is the lower the cost per square foot. Second is whether there is anything on the floor that has to be removed before we start the overlay process. Things like paint, sealer, tile, etc.; need to be removed as they may prevent the trowel down material from bonding tightly to the concrete. 

Another factor to keep in mind is whether the existing concrete floor has an exposed aggregate finish (one with the stones visible and sticking out of the surface). If it does then it takes more material to fill in the space between stones and that affects the trowel down exterior concrete resurfacing cost. What about cracks? Any cracks that we find need to be filled in before applying the overlay so that there is less chance of them reappearing.

Our last two choices depend on your tastes. We can score the floor (cut a thin groove) into a diamond, tile, or stone pattern to make it stand out. We can grout the scored lines so that they are level with the floor if you prefer that. Normally the trowel down includes mixing in a color with the overlay material and two highlight colors but if you are looking for even more customization we can individually stain stones or tiles a different color.

We hope this estimator will help clarify your decision making process. Please contact us if you have questions or would like to schedule a quote. We service all of Dallas and Fort Worth. Thank you.

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