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gray concrete island countertop
Concrete Countertop Tutorial

So just what are your expectations when it comes to concrete countertops? Are you looking at them because they’re unique compared to other countertop options? The available options? Edges? Colors? How about pricing? Well, let’s go over some of the pros and cons of concrete…

gray concrete table top on wood legs
Concrete Table Buyer's Guide

So you’re interested in buying a concrete table but want to find out a little more about them before deciding? We can help! Let’s get some of your questions answered. Are concrete tables durable? Short answer: Yes. Concrete is well…, concrete; it’s a pretty tough surface that …

Concrete Sink Tutorial

We get a lot of requests for concrete sinks. While there are many available styles, shapes, and colors, generally the most popular fall into a few categories. These are integral (part of the countertop), ramp, basin, farmhouse, and trough sinks. Whether they’re the right choice for you…

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