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      Skim Coat Overlay Pricing for Exterior Floors- ver. 4.4  
      Step 1 (Size)        
      What is the size in square feet (ft2) of the area that you want to apply a skim coat overlay onto? Incudes an acrylic sealer  
      Step 2 (Preparation)        
    Is there anything covering the floor? (paint, sealer, previous stain, etc.). We will need to remove it before applying the overlay. If
      needed, type in how many square feet are to be removed.  
      Step 3 (Exposed Aggregate)        
    Does the area to be done have an exposed aggregate finish (small stones that stick out of the surface)? If so, please type in how
      many square feet as it will need more work and material to fill in the spaces between the stones.  
      Step 4 (Crack fill)        
    Are there any cracks in the floor? We need to fill them in with an epoxy before applying the overlay. Measure the length of all the
      cracks and add the total feet you found.  
    Total feet
      Step 5 (Scoring)        
    Would you like to score (cut) the floor into a pattern? We offer a tile (typically 24" or 36" wide) or random stone pattern which can
      also be grouted. Select the pattern you would like.  
    Select an option
      How many square feet of the floor would you like to be scored?        
      Step 6 (Staining)        
    Do you want to stain the floor to create a multicolor look throughout the floor?
    Select option
      Step 7 (Travel charge)        
      Our normal service area is around 15 miles from our shop in Fort Worth, TX. If you are futher out we may have an additional travel  
      charge. Type in your zip code, if the result is "Out of area" please call/email us to see if we service your area.  
    Zip code
      Total estimated cost for a skim coat overlay including an acrylic sealer:    
      Thank you for using our estimator. We hope it will help in your decision making process, however there are many factors that affect the final quoted price of a project and all may not be reflected here. We have a minimum $1,800 charge for a skim coat overlay project.  
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