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Thanks for visiting our “Best of the Year” section. We started this business in 2003 and have been going strong ever since.

About three times each year we look over all the projects we have done and select those we are particularly proud of. We talk a little about what they are about and any special challenges we may have faced in getting them completed.


brown stained concrete countertop
Staining Concrete Countertops

We were asked by a local home remodeling company to see what we could do with this oddly shaped grill area after the client had grown tired of dealing with their Lueder stone countertops. While it is a…

unusually tall concrete countertop for a grill
Concrete Countertops For Grills

This unusual project is a combination of both style and function and shows why we like to use concrete for grill countertops. It all started when we received a set of plans showing a grill countertop with a very tall…

Coming Soon...

Our final project for 2023 will go here if Mr “C” let’s us get back to work! 


light gray concrete island countertops
Custom Concrete Countertops

If you ask a realtor how you can increase the value of your home, he or she probably will recommend that you upgrade your kitchen. When these Granbury, TX homeowners set out to remodel their home, they…

cream colored concrete farmhouse style sink
Concrete Farmhouse Sink

We were contacted by these Flower Mound, TX homeowners who wanted to upgrade their kitchen from the outdated contractor grade granite countertops. While talking it over, they also decided to go for a…

painted concrete mantel that is worn down
Concrete Mantels For Your Home

ur Arlington, TX homeowner was definitely looking to improve her fireplace. She had painted it a while back but it just didn’t have the “pop” she wanted. We agreed and suggested that a dark gray…


natural gray concrete countertop with a high gloss finish
Pros/Cons Of Concrete Countertops

So just what are your expectations when it comes to concrete countertops? Are you looking at them because of price? Available options? Edges? Or is it the colors? Just what do you get by choosing…

black concrete tabletop on top of a metal trapezoidal base
Best Sealers For Concrete Countertops

What are the available choices for a concrete sealer for concrete countertops, and why do you even have to think about it? Concrete is naturally porous, any liquid spilling on it will be sucked right in unless a…

black island countertop with a high gloss finish
Best Sealers For Concrete Countertops: Part 2

Let’s continue our discussion about choosing concrete sealers for concrete countertops. Generally, we’ve found that the best sealer that is a happy medium between cost, appearance, and protection is…


polished concrete countertop for a bar with glass
Polished Concrete Countertops

This was a unique project we did for a Sports Bar in Durant, Oklahoma. It involved embedding glass into a precast countertop and then following it up with some concrete polishing. Making it all…

cast in place concrete countertop
Concrete Counter-tops

We do a lot of cast in place concrete counter tops. This is a hand troweled process that creates a seamless look with a lot of personality. We also do a lot of outside projects like this one in Murphy, Tx. This one was an…

precast concrete countertops- dark gray for a grill
Precast Concrete Countertops

We got a call from a homeowner in north Fort Worth about building some concrete countertops for his grill area. After meeting with him, he decided that dark gray precast concrete countertops were…


green colored concrete island
Kitchen Countertop Options

People have a lot of choice when it comes to kitchen countertop options but between granite, silestone, corian, laminate, and tile, few offer the sheer versatility that concrete does. This…

black concrete countertop
Black Concrete Countertops

Black is in! These beautiful black countertops project was for a Dallas home undergoing extensive remodeling. At first all they had wanted us to do was apply a microfinish… 

exposed aggregate pool patio
Skim Coat Cement Overlay

“My pool deck is too hot!” We often hear this complaint, especially when summer is in full swing. It’s concrete and the sun just scorches it. Customers are always asking us if we can do…


white tiled floor prior to having concrete overlay applied
Concrete Overlay On Tile

Height would be an important detail in this particular home renovation project. The homeowner was making several changes to his kitchen and contacted us about creating a new surface for…

beige colored concrete countertop with two white undermount sinks
Concrete Countertop Repair

Try as we may, sometimes things simply don’t turn out the way we want them to. That was the case when we showed the owners of an Irving, TX home the new concrete countertops we had…

brown acid stained driveway
Acid Stained Driveway

This project started with an unusual question – “Can you apply an acid stain to fix my driveway?” Actually, it wasn’t the question that was unusual, it was the answer –”Yes!” As you may know…


Concrete Acid Stain Problems

Whenever we first meet with a prospective client, one of the very first questions we ask is “What is the final result you would like to see on the floor”? Some are looking for a…

kona brown concrete stain on patio
Patio Concrete Stain

This beautiful patio concrete stain job in Dallas, TX shows us just what staining can do. This freshly poured pad only required a light cleaning to get it ready for the stain. Acid staining holds up…

tan colored trowel down overlay
Decorative Concrete Contractors

Let’s face it, change can be a good thing. Whether it is your hairstyle, your job, your car or your house that you have become tired of or bored with, making even minor changes can make…


concrete mantle surrounded by patio furniture
Concrete Mantle

This outdoor fire pit in Lucas, Texas would go through more than one transformation before we were done with it. The first time around, we were contracted to build a concrete mantle…

gray colored microfinish overlay
Concrete Floor Refinishing

Sometimes, simple is better than fancy. These homeowners in Richardson, Texas certainly thought so. Instead of eye-catching decorative concrete with intricate designs, the homeowners…

multicolored trowel down overlay on pool deck
Concrete Surfaces At Home

When the owners of this Arlington, TX home decided to take the plunge and remodel the area around their swimming pool, they wanted to make sure that the end result would not…


brown acid stained interior floor
Acid Stained Concrete

This is a brown acid stained concrete floor project that we did in a tack room being built in Copper Canyon, TX. We normally spray our acid stains, which is what produces that popular…

umber acid stained driveway
Driveway Ideas

Just because something is functional that doesn’t mean it has to be boring. This Prosper, TX home had it all –curb appeal, stunning architectural features, and lush landscaping, and a very long…

hair by charlie salon
Commercial Concrete Staining

This one started with a call from Steve. He wanted us to take a look at the floors of a hair salon that he was remodeling in Dallas. Commercial concrete acid stain projects are always stressful…


Concrete Fireplace Hearth

Decorative concrete isn’t limited to horizontal surfaces like floors, countertops and patio decks. We can also use concrete overlays to cover up vertical surfaces. It isn’t easy, since…

microfinish overlay with tan finish
Refinishing Concrete Floor

Whenever we visit with a client, one of the first questions we get is whether the floor will look good after staining. The answer really depends on what you are expecting as the final result. 

home with skim coat overlay on driveway
Driveway Design

In Texas, summertime is outdoors time both for entertainment and home-improvement projects. During the dog days of summer, we get lots of requests to spruce up patios, sidewalks, and…


umber acid stained floor in retail store
Acid Stain For Concrete

This 8,000 square foot remodel for a store in Irving, TX is a prime example of how economical and yet striking acid stain for concrete can be. It was a nice sized decorative concrete project…

old pool deck that needs repair
Coating Of Concrete

One of the handy things about a coating of concrete is that it has the power to wipe the slate clean, so to speak. Think of concrete as a magic eraser that makes “do-overs” possible. That’s why…

side view of concrete countertop
Outdoor Kitchen Countertops

“So why should I choose concrete when there are so many choices available for outdoor countertops?” asked our Denton, TX homeowner. It was a good question so we decided to go over…


view of outside grill
The Best Countertops

So why choose concrete for your countertops? Because they are the best countertops you could have offering almost infinite custom design possibilities. This was a two-level…

before view of church open area
Concrete Surfacing

Rain, rain, rain, it just won’t go away. This project was in a courtyard of the Greenville Avenue Church of Christ in Richardson, TX that had long been ignored by everyone because of its…

sea green microfinish overlay
Floor Design Ideas

We got a call one day about from a couple that was moving into a new office area in Fort Worth. They had taken one look at the existing flooring, an old badly stained glue down carpet…


gray colored concrete countertop
Making Concrete Countertops

Some of you may think the home in this project looks a lot like the one in a previous project and you would be completely right! Our Glen Rose, TX homeowners loved what we did with…

tan colored interior trowel down
Custom Concrete

Not only is Christmas a magical time of year that’s full of good food, good friends, family gatherings and holiday cheer, it also is when many people get a break from work or school and go on a…

chuy's mexican restaurant
Concrete Bar Countertops

Viva la food! This was an interesting project we completed right here in Fort Worth, Tx. It was a concrete bar countertop for a very well known Mexican restaurant chain – Chuy’s!


star of texas scored into a microfinish overlay
Concrete Floor Design

This was a small project in Oak Point, Tx that included water staining and concrete floor design, specifically scoring the floor. Our homeowners existing carpet was the original one… 

rear patio of home with trowel down overlay
Cement Coating

This project was in the back yard of a beautiful home in Heath, TX. It shows just what a cement coating (which we often also call an overlay) can do for plain jane concrete. We have a lot of…

umber acid stained concrete countertop
Stained Concrete Countertop

In this project we were asked to install stained concrete countertops in a home in Cedar Hill, Tx. This was a cast in place countertop project so we built the molds directly on the kitchen…


tiled floor
Metallic Epoxy Flooring

This room had been set aside for one member of the household. As he put it, he wanted to use it as a “man cave.” His wife would have full reign of the rest of the house, but this room was for him. 

brown microfinish overlay floor
Concrete Crack Repair

Brown is a very popular color for microfinished floors. After pulling up the tile, carpet, and linoleum in this home in Farmers Branch, Tx, the first thing we found was a jigsaw puzzle of…

brown microfinish overlay with dining set
Concrete Dye Stain

So which to choose: Acid staining or a concrete dye stain for your floors? Our clients trust that we will create a beautiful floor for them no matter which one you choose. This homeowner in…

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